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calibration laboratory

What makes a reputable calibration laboratory stand out?

Calibration laboratory

Industry professionals demand certain standards; not only because regulations necessitate safety, but also leading manufacturers know that clients highly value the best quality work.

They fully understand that an inferior approach in their supply chain will diminish their output and impact their reputation, which is why high quality calibration services are critical.

Consequently, we appreciate that many of our clients compliment us on the standard of our calibration laboratory. We understand that calibration is not sexy, but we know it is essential and we take great pride in our own high standards within our calibration lab.

calibration laboratory

Our clients use our calibration laboratory for many reasons, including safety, efficiency and quality assurance. Industries and services requiring precise measurements, across a wide range of applications, demand accuracy. Standards are monitored by regulatory bodies and the penalties for failing these standards can be severe.

Three of the biggest reasons and benefits of using a calibration laboratory are listed below.

1. Avoiding Downtime

Proper planning and advanced notification will prevent the need to postpone production, due to a sudden need for a tool or equipment calibration. Scheduling these services during quiet or off-peak times will enable your business to operate at optimum efficiency.

2. Traceability and Historical Records

Laboratory and on-site UKAS and National Traceable certification provide a continuous record of documentation or a continuous chain of measurements and associated uncertainties of all tools and equipment; each of which has a unique life span that must be documented. Keeping properly documented records (historical information) is essential for meeting audit requirements, tracking status and evaluating future performance.

3. Transportation, fast turnaround and on-time delivery of equipment

The correct transportation of sensitive equipment is vital to ensure damage is not incurred in transit and it arrives on time in perfect working order. Many businesses fall foul of incorrect transportation methods, leading to extended downtime and the possibility of a substantial financial outlay.

Our calibration laboratory is separated into two main areas. The first is an electrical environment and on a daily basis, anything from Multi-meters to oscilloscopes can be found being tested. Click here for a full list of items in our electrical and temperature calibration/calibrate thermometer.

The second room is for dimensional and mechanical equipment. Here you will find instruments from torque wrenches to dial and length gauges. Click here for a full list of items in our dimensional, mechanical, physical calibration services/instrument calibration.

Calmet is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory offering calibration services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions