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3 reasons why a calibration test is the unsung hero in helping your business to succeed

A calibration test may not be sexy, but it is essential

calibration test

The best football teams have always had that thankless player. He’s often in central midfield running around for 90 minutes, breaking up play, tracking the players on the counter-attack, and

picking up tactical bookings when the time is right. They serve the team by fitting into a system which allows other players (often in fancy colour boots and head and shoulders slick hairstyles!) to go play, express themselves, and grab the headlines.

A calibration test is like the ‘Kante’ in your football team. You might not notice the role of calibration on the end of year report, but you would certainly notice it if it wasn’t there.


Why does it matter?  Safety, Efficiency and Quality Assurance

calibration test

  1. Reputable and reliable calibration services ensure your equipment is safe, accurate and true. If your benchmark equipment is incorrect, it will have a knock-on effect on the products or services provided to your customers by reducing efficiency and quality of your work.
  2. Calibration solutions ensure you comply with relevant regulations, monitored by regulatory bodies. Out of date calibration equipment could be susceptible to a failed industry audit, resulting in severe penalties and loss of business, at the very least!
  3. By calibrating your equipment, your customers can be assured you are professional, maintain high standards, and are compliant to industry legislation.   Evidence of an efficiency culture within your organisation can be essential when trying to secure new business. People want to work with people who can be trusted. Having a coherent answer to your calibration protocol demonstrates an organised working environment.

Manufacturing pumps

Calmet works with a pump designers and manufacturers who provide the industry with pumps and have a reputation of maximum reliability and efficiency. Our main service with them is to calibrate their pressure gauges on site as they are built into large containers.

What difference does Calmet make?

Our calibration tests for them are vital to maintaining their productivity. Calmet will complete the calibration in a day and by working efficiently on-site, any disruption and downtime are kept to a minimum, enabling production can continue as normal.

Calmet Laboratory Services is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory. We offer a full calibration service for anything from torque wrenches to manufacturing pumps. Established since 1991, we have grown to become one of the most highly regarded calibration laboratories in the UK.

Without calibration services, you may be putting your business at risk from a wide range of factors. Instead, a professional calibration test process is highly valued by you and your customers.

If you are interested in hearing about calibration from a highly valued calibration laboratory contact us now.