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PAT Tester Calibration

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a vital part of any organisation’s health and safety regime allowing both the staff and the clients to be confident that the equipment being used is not only accurate but also safe. This combined with the maintenance of your expected high standards of accuracy and compliance with current regulations makes it vital that your PAT Testing equipment is functioning perfectly at all times.

All electronic measuring instruments need to be expertly calibrated annually or as recommended by the manufacturer to meet current standards. All manufacturers now recommend that PAT Testing equipment is annually calibrated; in addition, the IEE Code of Practice 3rd Edition recommends that PAT Testing equipment is checked for accuracy periodically between annual calibrations and the results recorded in a register for inspection.

Calmet offers a full range of calibration and repair services for PAT testing equipment. As with our electrical and onsite calibration programs, we tailor our PAT Tester calibration services to each individual client’s specific needs.

In addition, Calmet has the capability to repair and adjust a wide variety of instruments with an extensive stock of spares required to carry out the work.

If you require unique recall requirements, customised calibration procedures, fast turn round or repairs, Calmet can deliver. For more information on our PAT Testing Equipment calibration services contact us today.

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