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Electrical & Temperature Calibration

Calmet offers a full range of calibration and repair services for electronic test and measuring equipment. As with our dimensional/physical and on-site calibration program, we tailor our electrical calibration and temperature calibration services to each client’s specific needs.

Test and measurement equipment is essential to the electrical trade, be it for electrical, data or control systems. It is also essential in any other industries that rely on temperature measurements to be highly accurate and specific for hygiene and safety reasons. Modern electrical and data test equipment have increased in sophistication and its accuracy is a vital necessity in allowing contractors to provide a professional service to their clients.

Electrical Calibration is needed on any equipment that is used for more than simple verification of current or voltage. Temperature calibration is needed on the majority of equipment that measures temperature as they can become inaccurate very quickly.

Both our temperature and electrical calibration equipment is traceable to National Physics Laboratory (NPL) and our measurement Uncertainty capability is of the highest order. From precise temperature measurement generation, analogue and digital instrumentation, power supplies, standards room calibrators, oscilloscopes and component test equipment, our technical staff are responsive to all your calibration requirements.

In addition, Calmet has the capability to repair a wide variety of Electronic Instruments, with an extensive stock of spares required to carry out the work.

If you require unique recall requirements, customised calibration procedures, fast turnaround or repairs – talk to Calmet.

Electronic Calibration

The following are some of the most common items we calibrate:

  • Ammeters – Amplifiers
  • Attenuators – Bridges
  • Capacitance Meters
  • Counter/ Timers
  • Crimp Tools & Testing
  • Current Standards
  • Data Loggers Decade Boxes
  • Earth Bond Testers
  • Frequency Counters
  • Insulation Testers
  • LCR Meters
  • Loop Testers
  • Milli-Volt Pot Sources
  • Multi-Meters
  • Ohm Meters
  • Optical Detectors
  • Oscilloscopes
  • PAT Testers
  • Phase Indicators
  • Power Supplies
  • Rate of Fire Monitors
  • RCD Testers
  • Resistors
  • Shunts Signal Generators
  • Stop Watches
  • Tachometers Testers Flash Testers
  • Timers
  • Velocity Computers Voltage Standards
  • 17th Edition Multi-function Testers

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Data Access

Electrical and Temperature Calibration