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Micrometer Calibration

Micrometers are an extremely accurate, easy to use device commonly used in mechanical engineering, the main advantage of these instruments is that their readouts are highly consistent. When used to measure thickness and depth, accuracy counts. It could be the difference between a product working or not. By using our services, regular calibration intervals will ensure micrometer accuracy and will keep your device finely tuned and in perfect working order.

Calmet offers a full range of calibration and repair services for micrometers. As with our electrical and onsite calibration programs, we tailor our micrometer calibration services to each client’s specific needs.

Our calibration equipment is traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and our measurement uncertainty capability is of the highest order.

In addition, Calmet has the capability to repair and adjust a wide variety of instruments with an extensive stock of spares required to carry out the work.

If you require unique recall requirements, customised calibration procedures, fast turn round or repairs, Calmet can provide. For more information on our micrometer calibration services, contact us today.

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