Why use expert Calibration Services?

on Friday, 19 July 2013.

Industry professionals use Calibration Services for many reasons including safety, efficiency and quality assurance. Industries and services that require precise measurements across a wide range of applications demand accuracy and are regularly monitored by various regulatory bodies; the penalties for failing to adhere to these regulations can be severe.

Some of the reasons for using and benefits that are to be gained from using expert Calibration management Services are listed below.

Avoiding Downtime.

Proper planning and advanced notification prevents the need to postpone production due to the need for tool and equipment calibration. Scheduling these services for quiet or of-peak times will enable your business to operate at peak efficiency at all times.

Traceability and Historical Records.

Laboratory and on-site UKAS and National Traceable certification provides an unbroken record of documentation or an unbroken chain of measurements and associated uncertainties of all tools and equipment, each of which has a unique life span that must be documented. Keeping properly documented records (Historical information) is essential for meeting audit requirements, tracking status and evaluating future performance.

Transportation, fast turnaround and on time delivery of equipment.

The correct transportation of sensitive equipment is vital in ensuring that no damage is suffered on route, the equipment arrives on time and is delivered both on time and in perfect working order. Many businesses fall fowl of incorrect transportation methods leading to extended downtime and the possibility of substantial financial outlay.

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  Calmet Laboratory Services are accredited by UKAS

ISO 17025

  ISO 17025 is aligned to ISO 9001.

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