Torque Wrench Calibration for safe Cycling.

on Friday, 07 June 2013.

Expert Torque Wrench Calibration will ensure that your tools are able to correctly service your bicycle and help you to avoid potentially dangerous mechanical failures that can lead to serious damage to the bike, rider and anybody else in the vicinity of an accident.

The 2012 Olympic Games created a fresh interest for many people in a wide variety of sporting activities that they had either stopped doing or wished to start getting involved in. The incredible Team GB successes in Cycling make it very unsurprising that this particular kind of exercise was literally at the top of the list.

Safety in sport is extremely important for everyone, young and old, enabling all who participate in these activities to be as well protected as they can be while participating – cycling is no different.

 With today’s bike parts becoming increasingly lighter, stiffer, stronger and more expensive the engineering involved in the creation and the need for the parts to fulfil very specific requirements designers are having to prescribe more narrowly defined requirements in how those parts are installed and serviced.

The highly complicated design and functionality combined with the sometimes extreme forces that these parts are subjected to means that correct calibration of all fixings is vital for bike and rider safety. Having a high quality Torque Wrench for this purpose is no longer a luxury that can be sufficiently replaced by a spanner and a pair of mole grips but a necessity that is completely useless without regular Torque Wrench Calibration to ensure the constant accuracy of the tool.

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