The Importance Of Electrical and Temperature Calibration

on Wednesday, 28 November 2012.

Electrical calibration is an essential part of all high quality assured systems, failure to utilize this service can and will result in a direct, negative impact on your business due to the uncertainty regarding the performance of your machinery and instruments.

 Without guaranteed, provable performance of your machinery that meets the required criteria you are at risk of underperformance and are therefore at risk of losing clients to your better prepared, reliable competition.

 On site Electrical Calibration services reduce the system downtime associated with sending equipment off site to laboratories ensuring that your systems remain fully functional and reliable at all times, this will give you the peace of mind that you require to be confident in the work that you need to do and allow you to meet your customers needs at all times.

 By utilising our onsite Electrical and Temperature Calibration services which include calibration equipment that is traceable to the National Physics Laboratory you can be assured that your systems will meet, and surpass the highest standards.

 Many calibration companies perform a “Field Comparison Check” of two meters and diagnose them as calibrated if they show the same readings, this is not calibration it is simply a “field check”. Any faults in your systems will only be properly diagnosed by utilising the equipment that we use which is at least 10 times the accuracy of the instruments that are being tested. 

If you require Electrical and Temperature Calibration services please contact us and our highly trained technicians will be happy to help you solve any problems you may be experiencing.

Contact Calmet. We pride ourselves on giving you minimum downtime and maximum service.


  Calmet Laboratory Services are accredited by UKAS

ISO 17025

  ISO 17025 is aligned to ISO 9001.

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