Calibration Services Improving Climate Data Accuracy.

on Friday, 17 May 2013.

The debate over climate change has been raging for many years with scientists divided on key issues as to the severity of the problem. A recently proposed satellite calibration system could potentially improve the accuracy of climate data and hopefully bring a little more clarity and a lot less debate to this very serious issue.

Calibration Services are used across the globe for many reasons and space is no different – some of the most technologically advanced pieces of machinery that the human race has ever produced are constantly circling our fair planet but, without Expert Calibration Services and systems they will eventually fail in their objective of providing extremely precise data.

The scientific community predict that the temperature of the globe will increase from between 2 to 5° by 2100, without accurate Calibration Services this uncertainty will be the difference between large and small scale losses. Being able to more accurately predict the expected temperature rise will enable governments to plan and execute either minor improvements in flood defences or, at the higher end of the temperature scale, major flood defence improvements combined with other major new developments.

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